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Specialized in Exotic Seeds, Exotic & Rare Fruits

We are specialized in selling tropical seeds and exotics fruits all around the world. If you are interested in our exotic seeds for sale, tropical fruits, flower seeds or dragon fruit cuttings, check the pages in the menu for more information.

Dragon Fruit Cuttings

We are specialized in Dragon Fruit Cuttings

We have 25 different types of Dragon Fruits collected for over more than 12 years! Read the page: Dragon Fruit Cuttings for all the info about dragon fruit and which dragon fruit cuttings you can buy from us. Note: we offer different colors, but also different cuttings sizes! Have a look at our different color pages for more information about each variety.

World Wide Shipping

We ship all over the World!

From all over the world you can buy seeds online at SEEDS DEL MUNDO! We provide worldwide shipping. For some countries we need a phytosanitary certificate. If you live in a country where a certificate is required, please see our Terms & Conditions for the terms.


buy seeds online - tropical and exotic seeds from our land

All our plants are growing in the warm tropical sun of Surinam, located around the equator next to the Amazon rainforest! A beautiful place with ideal weather for a lot of tropical fruits and plants.
We have a big piece of ground (almost 20.000m2) in Suriname, South America. As owner I live in the Netherlands but my family and workers are taking care of all the land with love and passion for “natures gifts”.

We have more than 150 sorts of fruit from all over the world but not all the trees are old enough to give fruits yet. Every year and from now on every month we will have more and more. We are already building this for years and now is the time to spread our exotic seeds and knowledge.worldwide shipping seeds del mundoWorldwide shipping

12 Years of experience in TROPICAL SEEDS & DRAGON FRUITS



We sell seeds online with as specialty our Tropical Fruit Seeds, Rare Fruits or known as Exotic Fruit Seeds.


Do you want to buy seeds from tropical flowers? We also started our beautiful flower seeds collection. Check it out now! More to come..


We have more than 20 different cuttings for sale. Check below to see which ones we have.


Herbs are essential for a good health and of course to spice up your foods! You can also use leaves from plants to cook with or to make tea.


We offer sprouted seeds or we can make seeds sprout before sending. What do you prefer?


Follow our news and blog articles for information about seeds, plants, scoins, dragon fruits and updates about stock & new arrivals!







Visiting us in Surinam – South America – A REAL EXPERIENCE

  • You will get a tour over all the land
  • You can taste all the fruits that are ripe and ready to eat
  • We will tell you our plans and some of our secrets and upcoming plans 😉
  • You will get a little present (some seeds) after the tour as symbol of love and appreciation for everybody who is loving mother nature for her sweet tropical creations! #sharingiscaring

Entrance tickets (costs)

  • People who already bought something from us have FREE ENTRANCE! 🙂
  • People who are new and no customer so who only want a tropical garden and fruit experience (tourist) have to buy ticket for: $20,- per person

This is our 20.000m2 Tropical Experience Garden


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Sending Your Tropical Fruit Seeds to all over the World

We are sending tropical seeds from the Netherlands. All the seeds come from Suriname in whole fruits to the Netherlands in special fast shippings.

Why do we ship from the Netherlands and not Surinam?
We open the fruits in the Netherlands and sent the seeds fresh and clean to everybody. The reason behind this, it’s because the Post Office in the Netherlands is really fast with sending stuff all over the whole world.

In Surinam it’s much slower. Surinam is a Third World country with no good infrastructure. From Surinam, it’s simply impossible to send to a lot of countries. Furthermore, there are special colonial bonds between the Netherlands and Surinam, which is why we can ship very good and fast to the Netherlands (from Surinam).

So this is the fastest and best way to do it. It’s a strategic choice so you will get your seeds faster and more fresh! We are blessed with the bonds between both countries and blessed with family members in both countries who are doing this all together with passion for plants :-).

worldwide shipping seeds del mundoWorldwide shipping

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