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The most unique green tropical fruit

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Tropical fruit comes in many colours. We often view a fruit as ‘tropical’ when it has bright exotic colours like pink, orange, yellow or red. But did you know that there are also many green tropical fruit sorts? If you think about green exotic fruits right now, which ones can you name? Did you know that green fruits might help in maintaining strong bone health and eyesight? Green fruits are full of important minerals and vitamins! In this blog we list the most unique green tropical fruits for you. Let’s go!

Averrhoa Bilimbi

The Averrhoa Bilimbi, which is part of the same family as the Starfruit, is a small green tropical fruit from Malaysia and Indonesia. The exotic fruit is 4-10 centimeters long and has a waxy, thin skin. The flesh is described as crispy and tastes sour sweet with an acidic aftertaste. The fruit is grown in tropical and subtropical climates!


Next up: The breadfruit. A breadfruit, or breadnut, is from Southeast Asia and grows on huge trees in tropical climates. Although breadfruits and breadnuts are seen as the same fruit, they differ quite a bit. A breadnut contains many seeds which makes it harder to eat. The breadfruit is regularly used in different recipes across Southeast Asia and resembles the taste of a sweeter type of potato.


This unique looking fruit is called the Cherimoya. Cherimoyas, also called custard apples, are green, small heart-shaped fruits that’s from the Andes Mountains in South America. Cherimoya is often described as ‘deliciousness itself.’ Have you ever eaten this fruit? Cherimoya is rich in vitamins and minerals and is used in salads, sorbets and countless different recipes. A cherimoya is very sweet and tastes like candy. Have you ever eaten this fruit?


The King of Fruits, the Durian, is a spiky green tropical fruit from Southeast Asia. The yellow green tropical fruit has numerous health benefits. The tropical fruit is known for its sweet taste and unique smell that most people can’t handle. The tropical fruit has a remarkable nutritional profile and contains a great amount of essential minerals and vitamins.

The Jackfruit

Next up; the Jackfruit. Jackfruit is a tropical fruit from the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia and is considered an exotic superfood. A jackfruit is a large green fruit with yellow flesh that has a sweet taste, like a mix of banana and pineapple. The green exotic fruit is full of a wide range of vitamins including vitamin C, B and A and is rich in minerals, fibers and protein. Health benefits linked to the exotic Jackfruit are the reduction of blood pressure, a booster for the nerve system and maintaining healthy eyesight.

So, have we forgotten any green fruit tropical that you have eaten before? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you want to know more about any of the fruits above or any other fruits, feel free to contact us anytime via

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