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Are passion fruit seeds edible?

The passion fruit is getting more popular everyday. And, rightly so, the delicious fruit is full of the right vitamins, minerals and is rich in antioxidants and fibers. Passions fruits exist out of skin, pulp and seeds. The pulp of the fruit tastes super sweet and its flesh can be compared to gelatin. Fruits also contain seeds, but did you know that many of these are also simply edible? Read our blog to find out why you should eat passion fruit seeds!

What do passionfruit seeds taste like?

The seeds of the passionfruit are the black little dots inside the flesh of the fruit. The seeds are rock hard and will taste crunchy and sour. You are better off mixing the fruit with something sweet to battle the sourness. For some people, seeds in general are hard to digest. Make sure you chew the seeds well before swallowing, and you’re good!

Why you should eat the seeds of a passion fruit?

The sour seeds of the passion fruit contain a lot of fiber which is great for digestion. Other benefits of the seeds are that they contain a high amount of high-level protein and fat. A great way to add some A-level nutrition to your diet!

Passion fruit’s ‘toxic’ skin

The story about the passionfruit’s seeds being harmful comes from the composition of the fruit’s skin. The exotic fruit’s skin can contain cyanide, which, if consumed in huge quantities can be poisonous. So, the seeds are not poisonous, but the skin can be. Note that this does not always have to be the case. It differs per fruit. To avoid a toxic skin you should excessively wash the fruit and check when you are buying the fruit if it’s completely ripe. The fruit is ripe when it is fully coloured, slightly wrinkled and a little plump. Fortunately, eating the passionfruit’s seeds is completely safe and is even beneficial for your health.

Why the seeds are considered as inedible

While the seeds of other fruits like cherries, plums, peaches and apricots contain amygdalin, the seeds of the passion fruit do not. Amygdalin will break down into cyanide, which, unfortunately, is toxic. It is believed by some that passion fruit seeds will cause appendicitis. In reality, eating the seeds of a passion fruit is completely safe. The seeds contain a lot of fiber which is great for people with high cholesterol! So, absolutely safe and extremely healthy!

Try and eat more passionfruit. It is nutritious and extremely beneficial for your health. Passion fruit is also really delicious, so why not? Have a look for your exotic fruit seeds!

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