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Dragon fruit is a beautiful fruit that can bring many colors with it! The most common flesh colors however are either red or white.. but what is the difference between these colors? And is there actually a difference? Yes, there is a difference! In this blog we will take you through the difference between red dragon fruit vs white dragon fruit.

Difference between red and white dragon fruit

Pitayas often have a sweet and sour taste, but did you know that there is also a connection between the color and the taste? The fruits that have a red inside are sweeter and more juicier as well compared to the dragon fruit that have a white inside. However, there are some exceptions of course regarding the difference between white and red dragon fruit. Now it is of course up to you to determine what your preference is. We ourselves love the fruits with a red inside because they are sweeter compared to the white ones. Although the color and taste may differ, the small black seeds remain the same and are of course edible. Actually, they can be compared to kiwi seeds.

Is there a nutritional difference between dragon fruit red or white?

This difference is certainly there. You may already know this from other fruits, but the redder the color, the more antioxidants will be present in the fruit itself. In other words, red-fleshed dragon fruit tends to have higher antioxidant amounts. Next to this, the red variant also contains more vitamin C. Several differences regarding red dragon fruit vs white. Are you curious about the entire nutritional value of the dragon fruit itself? Then take a look at our blog about the nutritional value of dragon fruit. 1 small disadvantage of the red variety is that it often contains more sugars than the white variety (which is why the red one is often sweeter).

How to tell if a dragon fruit is red or white

We have a few tips on how to tell red dragon fruit differs from white dragon fruit. It is of course nice to know in advance whether you are dealing with a red or a white inside, right? So how can you tell the difference?

Red flesh

  • Scales are often closer together compared to the white variant. In addition, the scales are also more present on the fruit itself.
  • Often the dragon fruits with red flesh are more dark deep red on the outside compared to those with a white inside.
  • The fruit on average is smaller compared to the white variation.

White flesh

  • White flesh dragon fruit tends to have wider scales but also fewer.
  • In terms of skin, the white variation is more pinkish instead of the deep dark red from the red flesh.
  • The fruit tends to be bigger compared to the red variant.

Please keep in mind that of course these are tips and not set-in-stone definitions. Sometimes it remains a gamble as the differences are not always visible. However, it can be a pleasant surprise not knowing which colour your dragon fruit is of course.

What color is your favourite? We hoped we helped you with our blog regarding red dragon fruit vs white. We have more than 19 varieties for sale! The ones with white flesh can be found here, and the fruits with red flesh can all be find here.

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  1. How can I get all the different colors of dragon fruit and start my own growing

    1. Hi Kevin,

      That is a great goal my friend! You can start with collecting all the variaties we have of course 🙂 We will add more variaties the upcoming 5 months. Our new Dragon Fruit Variaties are almost big enough to offer them in our webshop!

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