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The dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, pitahaya or strawberry pear, is extremely popular nowadays. The fruit is very popular because of its colorful tropical colors. In addition, this white fruit with black seeds also tastes delicious! AND, this fruit also has many health benefits. But why has this fruit become even more popular over the years?

Where does the fruit with white flesh and black seeds come from?

The fruit white with black seeds is native to Central America and Southern Mexico. Because exporting goods is becoming increasingly easy these days, you also see that the fruit is becoming more and more known in Europe and other countries. The dragon fruit plant is a cactus plant meaning that it needs a warm environment in order to survive and to bear fruit. However, since you can create the environmental factors yourself indoor as well, it is possible to grow pitaya all over the world, hence the popularity.

Taste of a dragon fruit

The taste of the fruit with white flesh and black seeds is incredibly delicious and is often described as a blend of a kiwi and a pear. The texture is always described as soft. The black seeds that are in the dragon fruit are simply edible and barely noticeable when you eat it. Of course, the variant of the dragon fruit differs in how it tastes. Because there is definitely a difference when it comes to fruit with white flesh inside and black seeds and other colours.

Did you know that the taste differs per variety and color?

The yellow variety (yellow outside and white inside) are considered the sweetest fruits! These are also the smallest fruits. The red fruit with white inside and black seeds are considered as the most neutral and are also the largest often. The pink fruit white inside black seeds are very similar to the red ones as well and almost taste the same! The fruits with a red inside and a red/pink outside are a bit sweeter than the fruits with a white inside, but not sweeter than the yellow variety.

To conclude, the taste differs per variant, and everyone has their own preference. We therefore advise you to taste as many different varieties as possible to find your own favorite!

The yellow variety, the Palora, is considered as the sweetest of all dragon fruits

Health benefits of a pitaya fruit

Besides the fact that the dragon fruit has a delicious taste, it also has many health benefits. That is why the fruit is so popular! For example, the white fruit with black seeds is low in calories and contains many fibers, it’s full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Do you want to know more about the nutritional value of dragon fruit? Then visit our blog about the nutritional value of the fruit white flesh black seeds, because these are really worth checking out! We will list even more benefits of the fruit itself below:

  • Dragon fruit can give a boost to your immune system
  • Dragon fruit may improve the health of your intestines and digestions
  • Dragon fruit can help to improve your skin
  • Dragon fruit can strengthen your immune system

Grow your own dragon fruit!

Did you know that it is relatively easy to grow your own fruit white inside with black seeds? You can do this both indoors and outdoors. This of course depends on the environment / climate in which you live. You have 2 ways to create the fruits yourself. By means of cuttings and or seeds. We always recommend the cutting method because you can taste your own fruit within a year! When you start planting a dragon fruit seed, we want to inform you that you should wait at least 5 years before you can taste your own fruit. We have listed a few basic points that we want to give you below. Keep in mind that you can create the ideal conditions for them both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Create the optimal climate – Always keep in mind that a pitaya is a cactus plant and therefore needs at least 6 – 8 hours of sunlight
  2. Water – They need water on a regular basis, but not too much! (too much water can kill them). Watering 1 every two weeks is more than enough. Make sure that soil is moist, but not saturated.
  3. Support method – Every pitaya needs support to grow up against. This ensures a healthy plant, plus it makes sure that the dragon fruit plant doesn’t waste energy either.

For more in depth information or more elaborated information please visit our blog regarding ‘how to grow dragon fruit

Where to buy dragon fruit?

Try to buy your pitahaya dragon fruit locally as much as possible so that you can see and taste the quality for yourself! We can offer both seeds and cuttings to you. So if you are interested in growing your white fruit with black seeds, feel free to take a look at our website!

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