Green dragon fruit cuttings

On this page we talk about the outside (the skin) color of the dragon fruit, which has a green color!

Green dragon fruit cuttings

A green colored dragon fruit! You’ve probably seen this one before. You don’t see this color dragon fruit very often and is therefore definitely an addition! Note that some dragon fruits are green, which means they are not ripe yet! On this page we will really discuss the varieties that have a greenish color in their own right, meaning that when they are ripe, they have a greenish color / or a mix of colors !

Our green color dragon fruit cuttings for sale

Taste of a green pitaya

This is entirely dependent on pulp color which is on the inside. The taste depends on the color, but as we know, all pitahayas have a delicious taste! Some are more sour, while others are more sweet. One will taste more watery and the other will have a more solid textured taste. We like what all the different pitaya green color fruits have to offer!

Pulp color of a dragon fruit green

The pitataya green can be found in many different pulp colors inside! Green dragon fruit with a greenish exterior can be found with the following pulp combinations:

  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Magenta
  • If you know of any other options, we’d love to hear anything about a dragon fruit green outside color. We are also still learning about all the different green dragon fruit cuttings. We are already really proud on our green dragon fruit plant we have for sale, but of course we are always expanding!

    Unripe pitaya, or does the green skin color belong to the variety?

    This is of course very important! An unripe green dragon fruit which should eventually not have a green outside color will complement very firm if not yet ripe. It is best to leave these for a few days to mature and to see if the color still changes. Push carefully with your thumb on the dragon fruit. The peel should feel soft, but not too mushy. If you have this, congratulations, your dragon fruit is ripe! If the greenish color still exists after that feeling, you have a green dragon fruit variety. Make sure not to leave your dragon fruit for too long (or without checking regularly) as the fruit can also be overripe after time. If the skin is very pulpy, the fruit is most likely overripe.

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