Purple Dragon Fruit Cuttings

The ‘purple dragon fruit’ we are aiming at with this page is the purple flesh inside the tropical fruit. We have the following purple dragon fruit in our collection: American Beauty, Condor, Natural Mystic, Purple Haze, Rixford, Surinam Red and Wiangel. Note: The purple colour can be categorized as either red or purple. However, it’s the same, but some people prefer to call the inside purple and others red. It’s up to you to decide whether you see the flesh as purple of red.

Purple dragon fruit

Purple dragon fruit, also known as purple pitaya, is the most special pitaya in the dragon fruit and grows on vining cacti, just as any other dragon fruit variant. The purple dragon fruit is also widely recognized and shares the same characteristics as red dragon fruit. A purple pitaya has its colour because of the betacyanins in the fruit. The purple dragon fruit plant is grown in any tropical or subtropical conditions around the world. Purple pitaya is part of the Hylocereus Polyrhizus dragon fruit sort.

Purple pitaya fruit taste

The taste of a purple pitaya can be described as that of a mix between an apple and a pear. Just as with red pitayas, a purple dragon fruit is sweeter than a white pink/red-skinned variety. The purple coloured flesh generally has a flavorful and sweet taste but there are alternatives with a slightly milder flavor.

Feel free to have a look below for a completely overview of our purple flesh dragon fruit collection:

Purple dragon fruit nutrition

A purple pitaya shares the same characteristics as a red dragon fruit. Just as the red variant, purple dragon fruit benefits include:

  • Boost in immune system because of the high amounts of vitamins C and B
  • Could improve eyesight because of lycopene and carotene
  • May improve kidney health because of high fiber, potassium and phosphorus

Growing purple pitaya

Purple dragon fruit cuttings are grown the same way as other cuttings. Check our step by step guide on how to grow dragon fruit cuttings or purple dragon fruit seeds.
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