Red Dragon Fruit Cuttings

With ‘red dragon fruit’ we are aiming at pitayas with red skin and red / purple flesh. The colour can be categorizes as either red or purple. However, it’s the same, but some people prefer to call the inside purple and others red. It’s up to you to decide whether you see the flesh as purple of red. The varieties in our collection that meet this criteria are: Surinam Red, Red Jiana dragon fruit, American Beauty, Rixford, Condor and Dark Star (also considered pink). For a complete overview, see the cuttings below!

Red dragon fruit

Red Dragon fruit, also called red pitaya fruit, is the rarest of the dragon fruit family and isn’t as widely available as other colors. The red pitaya grows on thin long cactus vine like any other dragon fruit variety. A red dragon fruit looks slightly different from a white-fleshed pitaya. The red dragon fruit has one of the most unique types of flesh of the dragon fruit family and tastes absolutely delicious!

The red Pitaya, of which the latin names are hylocereus constaricensus or hylocereus polyrhizus, is originally from central America and can be grown in any tropical or subtropical environment around the world.

Did you know that red dragon fruit cuttings are prone to bear more fruit than white or yellow dragon fruits?

Taste of a red dragon pitaya

The inside of a red pitaya contains red fruit with black seeds or purple with black seeds. The flesh of red pitayas is sweeter than white fleshed dragon fruit. Next to that, the taste of a red dragon fruit can be described as mild and a little acidic.

If you are ready to order your red dragon fruit cuttings you should decide which variety you would like to order. Here’s the complete list of our red skin pitaya with red / purple flesh collection:

How to grow and maintain the cuttings?

If you are interested in growing red pitaya cuttings yourself, check out our complete guide ‘how to grow dragon pitaya’s.’ Also feel free to ask us all your questions about growing red dragon fruit!

Red dragon fruit benefits

We already know that dragon fruits in general are considered absolute super fruits and that the pitaya is a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are great for your health. The red pitaya, however, has a slightly different composition than a white or yellow dragon fruit. Let’s dive into red dragon fruit nutrition some more:

  • A red dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins.
  • The high amounts of carotene and lycopene red dragon fruit may improve skin and eye health!
  • Finally, red pitayas contains high amounts of fiber, potassium and phosphorus.

Red pitaya vs other varieties

Beside the fact that red dragon fruit cuttings are prone to bear more fruit, the red dragon fruit plant also tends to flower more regularly than other dragon fruit cuttings. And like mentioned before, the red pitaya is thé rarest variety of dragon fruit!

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