Dragon Fruit Seeds

On this page we will discuss all dragon fruit seeds we offer. We currently have dragon fruit seeds for sale of the yellow variety, but we are busy expanding this also with regard to the sale of different dragon fruit seed varieties.

Dragon fruit seeds

As you may be aware, the entire process takes longer if you want to obtain dragon fruit by planting seeds. It can take up to 5-7 years before you finally have your own dragon fruit! However, this method also has advantages. You can read which these are below!

Benefits of growing seeds

You may be thinking, what are the benefits of growing seeds if it takes so much longer? Yet they are there!

  • Dragon fruit seeds price is cheaper compared to cuttings
  • Seeds last longer on the road and they are also easier to ship. Cuttings don’t last for weeks, so this might be an option for you as we offer dragon fruit seeds online
  • Seeing the entire process can be more satisfying than doing it through cuttings
  • In the very beginning, you hardly need any space

Dragon fruit seeds for sale:

Are you interested in other type of seeds? Please let us know as we are expanding!

Growing (yellow) dragon fruit from seed

To be a spectator of the full process of growing the hylocereus megalanthus you have to start by growing seeds of dragon fruit. Check out the step-by-step instructions below!

  • 1. You can of course buy the seeds at a store, but you can also get them from a dragon fruit yourself. This is done by carefully scooping the black seeds out of the flesh with a spoon. After this, it is best to wash off the pulp so that you are only left with the seeds. Then place the seeds on a damp piece of paper and let them rest for 24-hours.
  • 2. Preparing the soil. The first step to planting seeds is preparing the soil bed in which the seeds will be planted. It is important to choose a spot that is reachable by sunshine for at least six hours per day. Choose a well-drained potting soil that is able to retain moisture well.
  • 3. Prepare the pitaya seeds. Make sure the seeds are dried on a paper towel for at least 12 hours.
  • 4. Planting the seeds. The hylocereus megalanthus seeds can be sprinkled on the soil and do not need to be covered deeply.
  • 5. Watering the pitaya seeds. Water the soil bed consistently and evenly. Make sure it does not dry out!
  • 6. Thinning and transplanting seedlings. Thin out the weak seedlings to give the strong dragon fruit seeds more room to grow. This will also organize your growing process! If your soil bed becomes too crowded you can transplant seedlings to other pots.
  • 7. Support system. Your (yellow) pitaya plants will need support once they have grown tall to grow bigger. Since yellow dragon fruits are climbing cacti, they need a skeleton of wood or a different framework that they can climb.

Note: Seeds under the right condition usually germinate within a week already

If you want to know more about how to grown dragon fruit, please visit our page that is specifically about growing dragon fruit.

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