Annona diversifolia (Ilama)

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  • Seeds are long lasting!
  • Family of the soursop
  • Sweet taste!

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It is family of the soursop and custard apple and has pink flesh with a sweet taste. The fruits must be harvested when the first cracks occur. The fruit is still hard and needs a few days to soften. Fruits harvested too early will not ripen. The tree grows up to 7,5m high.

5 reviews for Annona diversifolia (Ilama)

  1. Volodymyr I. (verified owner)

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Excecelente! Semillas aparentemente fértiles, cada día me gusta más esta página

  3. Natacha (verified owner)

  4. Jon (verified owner)

    seed looks good, time will tell as to germ rate

  5. Juggernaut Ltd (verified owner)

    Excellent condition seeds thanks to the care taken with selection and packaging , especially for the distance they have traveled .
    Much appreciated

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