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Annona Montana (Mountain soursop) – Big Fruit variety

Annona Montana (Mountain soursop) – Big Fruit variety


  • The flesh of yellow and firm
  • Relative of the Annona Muricata (Soursop)
  • Taste: close to the taste of a pineapple

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The Annona montana (mountain soursop) is a relative of the more famous Annona muricata (soursop). The flesh of this variety is yellow and firm. The taste is somewhat like pineapple. The leaves of this variety are mainly used to make tea because of the good effect on the nervous system. The tree can reach a height of about 4 to 13 meters.

We sell both the Annona Montana big fruit variety and the smaller variety. If you are interested in the smaller and cheaper variety, click here! As for the bigger variety, not only are the seeds bigger, but the fruit will also become bigger. If you are interested in the bigger variety, you’ve come to the right place on this page.


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