Artocarpus sp. Cheena

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  • Taste: fresh and deliciously sweet
  • Crossbreed between a Jackfruit and a Chempedak!
  • The tree is surrounded by wonderful sweet aroma!

Minimum Order Quantity Seeds = 5 seeds
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Minimum Order Quantity Seedlings = 1 plant (seedling)

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The Artocarpus sp. Cheena is a crossbreed between a Jackfruit and a Chempedak. The fruits are a bit smaller than a Jackfruit and the taste is fresher and deliciously sweet. The tree, like its other relatives, grows to about 5 to 7 meters high, but you can keep it at 3 to 4 meters by pruning. The fruits grow close to the trunk. The tree has male and female flowers. The female flowers are distinguished by being shorter and more robust than the male flowers. The tree is then surrounded by a wonderful sweet aroma, which makes it clear that the little fruitparts start to develop into delicious sweet fruits. You can harvest the fruit when the scent becomes very strong and you can press the skin. The skin can also tear a little when the fruit is ready for harvest.The tree starts to bear approximately after 5 to 6 years.

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13 reviews for Artocarpus sp. Cheena

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    Livraison ultra rapide les boutures de pitaya sont d’excellente qualité. Je suis très satisfait !

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    very good seedlings

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    It arrived un 24 hours and in excellent condición.

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    excellent quality seeds, one of the best shop i bought seeds, Great service !!!!

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    Very happy with the product. Great seeds! They haven’t sprouted yet, because little time has passed, but I’m sure everything will be fine. This is the first time I’ve seen such good packaging. Everything is very cool. I advise everyone to buy seeds here. And I advise the Firm to start dealing with seedlings as well. thank

  13. B Schill (verified owner)

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