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Averrhoa (carambola) var. Fwang Tong (Starfruit Seeds)

Averrhoa (carambola) var. Fwang Tong (Starfruit Seeds)

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  • One of our favourites !!!
  • Popular Star Fruit Seeds!
  • Juicy and Sweet flesh!
  • Fruit contains max. 1 seed and often no seeds

Minimum Order Quantity = 2 seeds

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The Averrhoa Carambola

The Averrhoa Carambola, widely known as Starfruit, is a yellow star-shaped small tropical fruit from Southeast Asia. The small fruit is grown from a dwarf tree that can be grown in tropical and subtropical areas around the world. The Averrhoa Carambola is part of the same family as the Averrhoa Bilimbi.
It’s native to a couple of Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Starfruit tree grows very slow and does not get too big, so you don’t need too much space for this fruit tree.

Why is it called “Star Fruit?
The five sided yellow fruit does not look like a star in the first view, so why “start fruit”? Well, if you slice the fruit open it really looks like a beautiful star! So that’s why most people around the world call this fruit like this and not by it’s original name. De fruit itself is generally just eaten fresh or used is salads, smoothies and garnishes.

Starfruit seeds / Carambola seeds

Starfruit seeds are very popular. They are also easy to grow and contain a lot of vitamins with of course a very nice taste to it. These are the reasons all over the world people want to buy Starfruit seeds, mainly for their own use. The seeds of the Starfruit of Carambola, hard firm seeds. Usually there will be 1 seed in 1 fruit. This makes the Carambola sees of course a bit more unique.

Unique taste

A carambola is edible in its entirety and is usually eaten raw. The star-shaped fruit has a thin waxy skin with juicy yellow flesh. Starfruits taste sweet and have been compared to taste like apples, pears and grapes. A Starfruit is ripe when they are completely yellow with a slightly green coloured shade. Ripe carambolas are used in different recipes, like drinks and salads.

Growing seeds yourself

Growing your own star fruit plant is a fun and interesting process! Starfruit seeds germinates all year round. Before we start growing Star fruit from seeds there are a few things we should keep in mind!

  • Star fruit plants thrive in warm humid areas so make sure you are growing seeds in a tropical, subtropical or and area where you can control the temperature.
  • Carambola seeds grow the best in a soil that is well-drained and rich in organic matter.
  • Water regularly when your plant is young.
  • It will take 3-5 years before your plant will be able to give fruit.

The seeds are ‘dry’ and will remain viable for a longer period.They are packaged vacuum to for better quality!

Interested in buying carambola seeds?

If you are looking to buy starfruit seeds online we are able to provide the seeds. The minimum order quantity is three seeds. We also sell averrhoa bilimbi seeds here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

7 reviews for Averrhoa (carambola) var. Fwang Tong (Starfruit Seeds)

  1. Florian G. (verified owner)

    the seeds looking good and fresh! im excited 🙂

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Doug Allen (verified owner)

    Thank you – very happy with how the seeds (along with the rest of my order) arrived and the packaging. Michelle has been fantastic to deal with too! 🙂

    I would definitely recommend buying from Seeds Del Mundo.

  4. Roger Monge RM02219 (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The seeds arrived in perfect condition and in a short time thanks to express shipping.

  6. Natacha (verified owner)

  7. Juggernaut Ltd (verified owner)

    Excellent condition seeds thanks to the care taken with selection and packaging , especially for the distance they have traveled .
    Much appreciated

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