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Cocos nucifera dwarfpalm (Coconutpalm)

Cocos nucifera dwarfpalm (Coconutpalm)

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  • White pulp
  • Green notes give delicious sterile coconut water
  • Produces large brown fruits

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The Cocos nucifera is a palm tree that produces large brown fruits, the Coconut. Our coconut palm is a dwarf variety that produces coconuts at a low altitude. This is in contrast to the normal version, which can reach heights of up to 30 meters. The pulp is white and the green notes have delicious sterile coconut water. We only offer you nuts that are already sprouting. This is to avoid disappointment that the nut is too dry to sprout.
The dwarf coconut palm starts giving after 3 years and can be productive for up to 35 years.

1 review for Cocos nucifera dwarfpalm (Coconutpalm)

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