Dimocarpus longan (Longan)

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  • Very aromatic and sweet taste
  • The Longan has very little flesh and a large seed
  • Very juicy fruit and really easy to grow
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This type of Longan is very different in structure and taste from the Fortune Eye that we also offer. This longan has very little flesh and a large seed. But the taste is very aromatic and sweet. The fruit is very juicy. In terms of taste, this Longan comes closest to a Lychee. With this Longan you can smell when the fruits are ripe. Unfortunately, the birds and monkeys in Suriname also realize this. The Longan is easy to grow and will be able to bear fruit after about 5 years. A true asset to the garden for the enthusiast.

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2 reviews for Dimocarpus longan (Longan)

  1. Juggernaut Co (verified owner)

    Excellent quality seeds again .many thanks

  2. Juggernaut Ltd (verified owner)

    Excellent condition seeds thanks to the care taken with selection and packaging , especially for the distance they have traveled .
    Much appreciated

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