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Eugenia uniflora var. Black Star (Surinam Cherry)

Eugenia uniflora var. Black Star (Surinam Cherry)

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  • Little acidity and are deliciously sweet
  • One of our Favorites !!!

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The Surinam cherry

The Surinam cherry, also known under its scientific name Eugenia Uniflora, is a small bush or tree that grows hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of fruits one time per year. The fruit’s flesh is juicy, acidy and has a sweet flavour. You should see for yourself whether you like it, it is a wonderful experience!

We offer the ‘Black Star’ variety, which is a special variety of the Suriname cherry. This special kind has a darker flesh and a slightly sweeter taste. The Black Star or ‘Black Surinam Cherry’ has a record of producing higher quality flesh! The Suriname Cherry looks a lot like the Barbados Cherry but has a slightly sweeter taste.

Wonderful taste

The Black Star has an acidy to sweet taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The Black cherry variety is significantly sweeter than the full red Eugenia Uniflora and has orangie-dark red flesh. You can simply eat the berry out-of-hand or use it for ice cream, jams, salads and more. Inside the flesh are two to three seeds.

Surinam cherry benefits

The pitanga can be an extremely healthy addition to your daily fruit eating routine. The berry has high amounts of Vitamins A, B and C and contains significant amounts of minerals like Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium.

The high amounts of Vitamin C will aid in preventing the damage of blood vessels. Taking in high amounts of Vitamin C promotes eye health, heart health and boosts your immune system. The significant amounts of Vitamin A benefits skin health and also boosts your immune system.

Growing your own Suriname cherry fruits

If you are interested in seeing the full growing process, you should buy seeds and grow them yourself! Suriname Cherry seeds are quite easy to grow and caring for the plant is not an over demanding job. But, just as with all growing processes, more attention and time will develop into a better end result. Are you curious on how this process works? Read the following paragraph.

How to grow Eugenia Uniflora from seed

Before we start with growing Surinam Cherry Eugenia seeds we need to keep the following in mind:

  • The plant, whether you grow a tree or a bush, will grow rapidly and needs some space to grow comfortably. Keep trees about 5 metres and bushes 1 meter apart.
  • The pitanga enjoys a lot of sunlight, preferably 12 hours a day!
  • The berry can grow in almost every type of soil.
  • Although the Eugenia Uniflora is an easy to grow plant, proper care and attention will result in the best outcome.

Best climate

The plant enjoys a lot of sun and can not stand cold temperatures under 0 degrees celsius. It thrives in sunny areas where it gets around 12 hours of sunlight per day. Although the pitanga plant is tolerant against droughts, it does require some irrigation to survive.

About the fruit

The Suriname cherry, or pitanga, is a green small bush or tree from the Myrtaceae family. The tree can grow up to 8 metres and is able to produce as many as 1000 fruits per year. The fruit is not specifically from Surinam and can be found all over the world.

Interested in buying Surinam cherry (sprouted) seeds online?

If you are interested in buying eugenia uniflora seeds make sure you order right away! Let us know if you have any questions regarding your order.

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32 reviews for Eugenia uniflora var. Black Star (Surinam Cherry)

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    Very healthy plant

  4. Alan R. (verified owner)

    Really nice seedling.

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    Additional to my last review which I gave 5 stars I like to add. ALL seeds of Eugenia uniflora germinated and after now 2 years we have strong healthy shrubs which are setting first flowers here in North East Thailand. We just bought 27.000 sqm farmland for our permaculture and seedsdelmundo can expect a huge order coming in soon. Very satisfied also with all other seeds we ordered here.

    • SEEDS DEL MUNDO (store manager)

      Thank you so much for the nice words, we really appreciate it! Our family is working very hard to make this all happen!
      Great expansion of your land! We will be honored to help you with new seeds, plants and variaties! Feel free to contact us for some support and thinking along. Thanks again amigo! 🙂

      With Warm & Tropical greetings,

      Team Seeds Del Mundo

  9. RENE HATIER (verified owner)

    The seeds arrived in excellent condition in a good packaging.I will buy again.

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    Seeds looked fresh and plump. Too soon to know if they will sprout.

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    very fast delivery. good quality seeds

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    I have ordered seeds twice with SEEDS DEL MUNDO and both times they have arrived very well packaged, with extra seeds in most bags and the order arrives ridiculously fast. Staff are polite and very helpful. Definitely 5 star rating in my experience

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    Seeds looking good, waiting for seeds to sprout.

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    Excellent germination always.

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    Service are exeptionel good

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    The seeds arrived in perfect condition and in a short time thanks to express shipping.

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    Excellent quality seeds again .many thanks

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    all seeds cracking hence we expect a high germination rate

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    Good quality seeds. Some of the seeds sprouted along the way.

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