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Garcinia Intermedia (Lemondrop mangosteen)


Garcinia Intermedia (Lemondrop mangosteen)


✓ Relative of the Mangistans
✓ Taste is fresh sweet with a little acid
✓ One of our Favourite Fruits!

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The Lemondrop mangosteen is a relative of the Mangistans. The Lemondrops have a diameter between 1 and 2 cm. The taste is fresh sweet with a little acid. The more from yellow to orange, the less acid the fruit becomes. The trees gives after 2 years and can reach a height of 10 meters. The Lemondrop is easy to grow in a 20 liter container.

New: Sprouted Lemon drop seeds

We have carefully grown some of our seeds for you so that you have a nice lead of about six months for growing a seedling. The Lemondrop is easy to grow in a 20 liter container. In this, the tree will not grow too big, but rather a full shrub.

Per Seed: $0,50
Per Whole Fruit: $1,50
Per Sprouted Seed: $2,50 – now for $1,99 (For sale, LIMITED STOCK, LIMITED AVAIlABLE)

Sprouted Lemon Drop Seeds – pictures

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Lemon Drop - Spouted seeds       Lemon Drop - Spouted seeds

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