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Inga edulis (Ice Cream Bean)

Inga edulis (Ice Cream Bean)


  • Fruit in the form of a long bean
  • Children love this fruit!
  • Taste is sweet!

Minimum Order Quantity = 3 seeds

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The Ice Cream Bean is a South American fruit in the form of a long bean. The meat from the seeds is eaten and is especially a delicacy for children. The tree can be more than 20 meters high and has a very wide crown.

These Ice Cream Beans can grow up to 80-100 centimeters fruit! This is one of the longest fruits in the World! We provide Inga Edulis Seeds and Whole Fruits. For the Fruit delivery we only harvest the small beans. This is because of the advantages in packaging and shipping itself. We will sent the Ice cream Bean fruits with a size of about 40-60 centimeters. The seeds and the trees that will come out of these fruits will also deliver the big ones up to 1000 cm length of the fruits!

If you really want a large one. Just contact us and we will discus what we do for you. There will be additional shipping costs of course.

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