Inga jinicuil


  • Delicious white and soft flesh!
  • Easy to maintain – not many soil requirements!
  • Fruits are about 10 – 20cm long
  • Part of the Edulis variety
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The Inga jinicuil is a variety of Ice Cream Bean that is commonly found in Central America such as Mexico and Costa Rica. The tree, like its relatives, has beautiful glossy green leaves and can reach a height of 20 meters. The Inga junicuil is a good shade plant and is often used in coffee plantations here. The fallen leaves have a symbiotic relationship with certain bacteria in the soil, so leaving the leaves under trees is a good thing. The fruits are about 10cm to 20cm long and the flesh is soft and sweet. This variety has less pulp on the seeds compared to our other Ice Cream Variety the Inga Edulis. The seeds are cooked and eaten with traditional dishes. Could be a healthy candy for children.

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