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Manilkara Zapota (Sapotille)

Manilkara Zapota (Sapotille)


  • Great for a sweet snack
  • Great to use as sweetener in juices
  • Price = per seed!

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This Manilkara zapota is a variety from Brazil. The fruits of these species has the shape of an almond and the taste of a very ripe pear. I myself would use it as a natural sweetener to bake, and to make juices etc. With it because it is simply too sweet for me. But because of the size it´s a nice little fruit for a snack.

The Sapotille can reach a height of around 35 meters, but is already starting to produce fruit as a small tree. The tree from which these fruits come is about 2 meters high. The fruits must be harvested ripe. If they are harvested too early, it is advisable to put the fruit with a banana in a sealed bag. The ethylene gas that is then released will allow the Sapotille to mature.


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