Mauritia flexuosa (Buriti)


  • Yellow pulp can be eaten raw
  • beautiful ornamental palm
  • Wide leaves and very decorative fruits
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The Mauritia flexuosa, also known as Buriti, is a beautiful ornamental palm from the Amazon with large, wide leaves and very decorative fruits. The pulp is yellow and is eaten raw. The pulp contains many vitamins and oil. The pulp can also be dried and then pounded into flour. The local population also makes an alcoholic drink from the pulp that is very popular. The leaves can also be used for food and the soft top of the Buriti is used to make sago, but that means the end of the tree.
The Buriti multiplies by seed, but it can take up to 120 days for the seed to germinate. The seedling is a slow grower. That is why we offer the seedlings with a nice height of about 30cm. The tree itself can reach a height of 25 meters.

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