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The Natural Mystic is a cross between Hylocereus polyrhizus and Hylocereus undatus. The Natural Mystic gives medium to large fruit with dark red to magenta pulp. The taste is very sweet (hardly sour) without rins and the fruit can reach a weight of 450 to 750 grams. The plant is self pollinating. Natural Mystic can give fruit 4 times a year. Of our collection, the Natural Mystic is the first bloomer. Like all the dragons, the plant prefers a bit of shade on the ground. Be on time with harvesting, because with a rain shower a ripe fruit can burst. And do not give water 2 days before harvesting the fruit. The taste then becomes less.

be aware of the following please: This variety is prone to Rust. Growing the Natural mystic in well-composed material will help though to control the rust. We have several ‘mother dragon fruit plants’ with rust spots, but they produce many sprouts! We experienced that we shipped completely healthy natural mystic cuttings, but they still arrived with some rust spots at their final destination. Be aware of the fact that it can happen, but don’t give up on them!

characteristics of the Natural Mystic

Self-pollinating: Yes
Outside color: Red / Purple
Pulp color: Magenta / dark red
Taste: Really sweet!

Natural Mystic

Skin ColourFlesh ColourSweetness ScaleWeight (fruit)Size (Fruit)
PurplePurple6.5 / 10Around 500 grMedium

Additional information

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12 reviews for Natural Mystic – Cuttings

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, healthy cutting

  2. merah m. (verified owner)

  3. Ruth Salmon (verified owner)

    Of the four different varieties I received back in March, Natural Mystic were the ones I didn’t think would do so well as they just didn’t look as healthy as the others. However, they were the first to root and now all of them are three times as big as they were when they arrived and strong and healthy! I’m so happy with them. I also ordered Red Jiana, Dark Star and we got a gift of a Surinam Red, and all are doing really well

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Frederic Wüstner (verified owner)

  6. Ruth (verified owner)

    Some slight discoloration to the cuttings but as we’re new to dragon fruit growing I’m hoping this is normal

    • Michelle Nannings

      Hi Ruth,

      This is completely normal with this variety! 🙂 Please keep us updated about your dragon fruits!

  7. Pedro Fabio (verified owner)

  8. Ahmed J. (verified owner)

  9. Lucia (verified owner)

    Cuttings are beautiful and healthy! Great communication, seller is competent and very helpful. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Would definitely buy again. Thank you!

  10. MANOLIS (verified owner)

  11. Konstantinos K. (verified owner)

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Super service en well packed recommended

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