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Palora Cuttings – Selenicereus megalanthus hybrid (Yellow Dragon fruit)

Palora Cuttings – Selenicereus megalanthus hybrid (Yellow Dragon fruit)


  • Very popular among experts!
  • This yellow dragon fruit tastes very sweet
  • White flesh inside
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Palora, better known as the Selenicereus Megalanthus hybrid, can be considered as one of the sweetest dragon fruit varieties ever! We really love this variety due to the very sweet taste and the juicy texture of the fruit. The yellow dragon fruit taste can be compared to a kiwi / pear. The yellow pitaya is smaller compared to the other dragon fruits. Next to this, the Palora has spines on the fruit itself, but you can easily brush them off. Try this delicious yellow dragonfruit for yourself and enjoy what the fruit has to offer. This yellow dragon fruit has white flesh and has a wonderfully sweet taste. We offer both the seeds and the cuttings, but on this page we only offer yellow dragon fruit cuttings for sale. Interested in the seeds? Please click here!

characteristics of this yellow pitaya variety

Self-pollinating: Yes
Outside color: Yellow
Pulp color: White
Taste: Sweet taste which resembles a kiwi.


This variety is very popular and our ‘mother’ plants are given many sprouts at the moment, so we hope to offer the cuttings to you very soon! But for now, the cuttings are still to small to be sold. Are you interested in another yellow dragon fruit variety? Have a look at our other yellow pitaya, the SELENICEREUS MEGALANTHUS.

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