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Pouteria sapota var. Akil Especial (Mamey sapote)

Pouteria sapota var. Akil Especial (Mamey sapote)


  • Red, soft and very sweet flesh
  • Delicious for making milkshakes!
  • One of our favourites!!
  • One of the most unique fruits in the World!

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The Mamey Sapote has red, soft and very sweet flesh. This fruit is so unique and you will find it always in lists with the category name “rare fruits”. Also unique is that it will take 13 to 24 months for the fruits to ripen. All stages of the fruit are represented on the tree. For example, fruits can hang from small to large, along with blossoms from the new fruits. Unbelievable beautiful! The tree can reach a height of 25 meters. The tree is the Cuban variety Akil Especial from Top Tropicals. Blender the fruit with milk and you have a delicious, one of the best milkshake ever!

This is THE favourite of Wesley (one of the founders of this website). Wesley said the following:

“This fruit is so uniquely special, it’s not comparable with any fruit in the whole world. The Mamey Sapote is my personal favourite! You do have to have a good timing to eat the fruit! If it’s to hard, it is not as good as with the “perfect timing”. If it’s to soft, it will be over ripe. The skin of this fruit has to be a little bit bendy but not too much. Then you will experience the PERFECT TASTE!” I REALY LOVE THIS ONE!

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