Selenicereus megalanthus (Yellow Pitaya)

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  • White flesh with a wonderfully sweet taste
  • Taste is reminiscent of a kiwi
  • Must have for dragon fruit lovers!


The Celenicereus megalanthus or also yellow Pitaya is a type of dragon fruit from the cactus family. This species differs from the other Dragonfruit species (Hylocereus) in that the yellow fruits they bear are more scaly and have spines. Gloves are necessary when harvesting. The flesh is white and has a wonderfully sweet taste. The taste is most reminiscent of a kiwi.

characteristics of this yellow pitaya variety

Self-pollinating: Yes
Outside color: Yellow
Pulp color: White
Taste: Sweet taste which resembles a kiwi.

TIP: We recommended this variety to people who have some experience with growing dragon fruit cuttings in general. This variety is more sensitive to both heat and cold and next to this, the yellow pitaya is more sensitive to rust. If you have experience with growing dragon fruit plants, this one is really a must have for dragon fruit lovers! We also offer its relative Palora dragon fruit cuttings , which are more ‘easy’ to grow and less sensitive for conditions in terms of growth.

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2 reviews for Selenicereus megalanthus (Yellow Pitaya)

  1. simonandraspeter (verified owner)

    I got mine in Hungary, no problems with the order.

    It has rooted very fast, survives the schorching Hungarian Summer and overwinters nicely in the house.
    This is one of rarer varieties, looks really nice, but grows slower than the others I have.
    This is very exotic, you can’t buy yellow pitaya anywhere her! I can’ wait to try it in a few years.
    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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