Sugar Dragon


  • Red / Purple flesh with a wonderfully sweet taste!
  • Red skin color
  • Very popular among dragon fruit lovers!


The Sugar Dragon is a Hylocereus guatemalensis hybrid with a red skin and purple to red flesh. The fruits are small, about a half pound to ¾ of a pound. The pulp is semi firm and very sweet. Some people say the taste looks a bit like Lychee. The brix rate is 18, but when the plant grows older and becomes more mature, the brix rate could climb to 20. This variety is self-pollinating and makes a great selection for pollinating your other dragon fruit.

characteristics of our Sugar Dragon

Self-pollinating: Yes
Outside color: Red skin
Pulp color: Purple / Red flesh
Taste: Very sweet!

Additional information

Cutting size:

Small, Normal, Large


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