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Syzygium aqueum (Pommerak, Java apple)

Syzygium aqueum (Pommerak, Java apple)


  • Taste is sweet with a little acid
  • Beautiful flowers before the fruits
  • Everybody loves this fresh fruit
  • Popular fruit in Surinam!

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The Pommerak is a pear-shaped fruit with a deep red color on the outside and clear white flesh. The taste is sweet with a little acid and you taste a touch of aroma of the blossom. The height of the tree varies from 3 to 20 meters. The flowers are incredible beautiful with long pink hairs! This is one of the most beautiful flowering trees we know. The taste of the fruits are really fresh and loved by almost everybody. A Mature Pommerak tree is giving a lot of fruits. You can see one small piece of our tree on the first picture. This is about 5% from all the fruits in this tree so you can let all your friends and family enjoy the pommeraks because there will be enough! 😉


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