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Sprouted / Germinating Seeds (Tropical Seeds)

Sprouted / Germinating Seeds (Tropical Seeds)

Sprouted seeds (germinating seeds) are among the world’s very popular! This is because it is one of the easiest foods you can grow indoors! With great care we grow part of our seeds in sphagnum so that we can offer you germinated seeds. A big advantage is that we ensure that you have already built up a nice lead in order to grow your own seedings. We want to make your job as easy as possible! on this page you can find the sprouted seeds we offer. Oftentimes they are used in salads, soups or sandwiches, because they are so healthy and contain many nutrients. But you can think of other meals where to add sprouting seed of course. They easily can be eaten straight away or put them away in a plastic bag in the fridge, to save them for a later moment. Our Seedlings start at 10 cm. Sprouted seeds are are shorter than 10 cm!

Have a look at the following products to see which products we sell! We try to keep the stock as up-to-date as possible. Is your product not in stock, please send us an email or sign up for the newsletter! This will make you the first person to order the germinating seeds when they are back in stock.


Sprouted seeds benefits

✓ Easy to maintain
✓ Cheap option
✓ You can start anytime you want !
✓ Almost no space needed
✓ Great for people who don’t have the patience to grow a seedling
✓ Comes with a great healthy benefit

Germinating seeds indoor: easy!

Sprouted seeds can grow anytime in your house, thus you can start whenever you would like. The circumstances to survive are very achievable as you hardly need any space, and no need to be worried regarding the climate as they will easily grow indoors. Mainly sprouting seeds are held in a jar, so you do not need to make an investment. A cheap option it is! Next to this, another advantage is the fact that the root is already present, so you can plant the seed immediately. So if you do not want to test your patience too much, sprouted seeds are the perfect fit for you.

What are sprouted / germinating seeds?

Sprouted seeds meaning is a natural process whereby seeds germinate and produce new shoots. In general, you can almost sprout any seed. Sprouted seeds arrived from seeds of the plant, just like any other plant. They are young plants that sprout. How this process works can be read in the following section regarding the process of seedlings.

Process of seedlings

We are doing the job for you and provide you already with sprouted seeds as this process is finished relatively quick. You can harvest the sprout already in about 6 days! The seeds begin their life as dry beans and seeds. They are sprouted by soaking them in water, to then drain allowing the seeds to grow. Once the seeds are wet, that is when they start to grow. Sprouts can grow really quickly so when you let a sprouting seed grow it will become in no time a full-grown plant.

Different kind of sprouted seeds

Above you can find an overview of the sprouted seeds we currently sell. The stock is kept up to date and we try to replenish the stock that comes from Surinam as soon as possible. When a sprouted seed is out of stock, do not hesitate to send us an email about it so that we can put you on our notification and waiting list. Or register yourself for our newsletter! As soon your product is back in stock, we will let you know immediately, this makes you the first person to order!

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