Tropical Fruits

We offer unique Tropical Fruits from all over the world. We collected our 20.000m2 land a wide variety of Tropical Fruits, Tropical trees, plants and bushes. The Tropical Fruits are coming from all countries all over the world like: Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Porto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia and many more. Shortly, all over the world. That’s why our name “Seeds Del Mundo” comes from. Seeds: we all know what the seeds are and “Del Mundo” is Spanish for “of the World”. So translated our name means: “Seeds of the World”.

Besides the seeds we naturally have also the fruits! “Fruits Del Mundo”! On this page you can check all the Tropical Fruits we have and have on stock right now.

We have more than 150 sorts of different Tropical and Subtropical fruits. Not all are yet full grown so not everything is offert for sell right now. Just stay tuned and you can register for our newsletter for updates when we have new stock or new fruits added to the webshop! We sent one newsletter per 3 months because we only want to sent stuff that’s nice, sweet and important!

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