Buy Seeds online from our tropical garden! Tropical / Exotic fruits & Dragon fruit cuttings!

Tropical Fruit Seeds

Tropical Fruit Seeds

See here your Tropical (exotic) Seeds we are selling right now! We produce on our 20.000m2 a wide variety of Tropical fruits, Tropical trees, Plants and Bushes! We also have very sweet neighbours, friends and connections with the seed and fruits world. So if anything is not available, in stock or if we don’t offer a specific seed, feel free to contact us. We would like to try to get it done, so that you can buy tropical seeds online! Our networks also provide us with up-to-date information about new interesting tropical seeds which we can add to our range in the future. We try to acquire and grow new seeds, so stay tuned every now and then to see if we added new species, or sign up for the newsletter!

Shipping note
We want you to receive all seeds in the best state possible of course, so we only ship our Tropical Seeds if the temperature in the Netherlands is at least 7 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the exotic seeds arrive in good condition. If the temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius, we will let you know! Please, check the temperature for your own country yourself, or send us an email and ask for advice. 🙂

See below the (rare) tropical fruit seeds we have for sale:

Most popular tropical seeds for sale (online)

The following seeds are the best sold seeds. Which once have you already bought?

  • Theobroma Bicolor seeds (White Cacao)
  • Myrciaria Dubai seeds (Camu Camu)
  • Coffea arabica (coffee bean)
  • Eugenia Uniflora var. Black star (Surinam Cherry)
  • Annona (Rollinia) Mucosa (Kasjoema)
  • Garcinia intermedia (Lemondrop mangosteen)

Growing tropical fruits yourself

Tropical fruits are fruits native to the tropics. However, you can also easily grow your own tropical fruit! It is not that difficult at all, as long as you keep in mind to create the right climate. So you can plant your tropical fruit seeds in the backyard, in a greenhouse or even inside. If you are aware of specific growing requirements for the right species, everyone can do it. For more useful tips about seeds and or fruits, please visit our blog. Once a week a new blog will be uploaded with must read information about all kinds of topics.

Benefits of starting from seeds

Starting as a seed knows many benefits, but also there are a few common mistakes many people make of course! Then why would you consider it? Because it is much fun and it gives a lot of satisfaction. Next to this, starting seeds indoor is easy as you can regulate the temperature yourself. Increase the surviving changes of your exotic seeds by starting your seed indoor. It takes some effort and time, but we always find it very soul-satisfying when our ‘’baby’’ develop. Save money by growing your own expensive exotic seeds.

Speeding up the process

Do you not want to have to wait that long and speed up the process? We have already accelerated the process for you! We also offer sprouted seeds (seedlings). Click on our page regarding sprouted seeds and find all pro’s and all sprouted seeds on this page.

Viability of seeds

It will take some time before you have your own greenhouse or garden of course! Most of the (rare) fruit seeds we have for sale are coping with a short viability. Meaning that the life-shelf of the tropical seeds are short. For instance, the Bicolor seeds are very susceptible and will last up to a week. So if you decide to buy seeds with a short viability, make sure you choose the right shipping method to increase the survivability of your seedling.

Are you curious about what you can do to increase the chances of surviving? Read our following tips:

Increase the survivability of your exotic seeds with the following tips:

  • Make sure you don’t overwater the seedling!
  • Don’t plant your seed too deeply, as this will halt the germination process
  • Don’t crowd your tropical fruit seeds. It is important that there is proper air-flow between the seeds. If this is not the case, it will eventually enhance the process of rotting.
  • Use a proper soil! Cheap or soil for instance or dirty equipment can easily kill a seedling. Make sure everything is as sterile as possible.

Shipment of Exotic seeds

Nowhere else in the world are the fruits so colourful, fresh and exotics as in Surinam! We ship all our fruit all over the world. But before they are shipped all over the world, they are assembled in the Netherlands. Once in the Netherlands they are sent all over the world. Everyone is able to grow their own rare fruit seeds and enjoy it from their own garden. The fruits and tropical seeds will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. Because of this, the products will arrive as fresh as possible.

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