Buy Seeds online from our tropical garden! Tropical / Exotic fruits & Dragon fruit cuttings!

Tropical Seeds

Tropical Seeds

See here your Tropical Seeds we are selling right now! If a seed is out of stock, you have the possibility to back order (to place a order for a product that is out of stock). If you order something that is out of stock, we will make contact with you within 5 days to update you about the delivery. If you have any questions up front, feel free to contact us. We want to sent the Tropical Seeds as fresh as possible with the highest possible quality. That’s why we start harvesting after the back order took place.

We offer unique Tropical Fruits from all over the world. We collected our 20.000m2 land a wide variety of Tropical Fruits, Tropical trees, plants and bushes. If you need anything else, we have a lot of sweet neighbours, friends and connections within the Tropical Seeds and Fruits World. Just let us know and we will check if we can arrange something for your!

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