Orange Dragon Fruit Cuttings

On this page we talk about the outside (the skin) color of the dragon fruit, which has an orange color!

Orange dragon fruit cuttings

The orange pitaya are very popular but also very rare! To our knowledge, only a handful of varieties with this orangish color are known. We are therefore very happy that we received a variety from a fellow dragon fruit lover from Europe. Dragon fruit orange are very scarce and that is why we would like to add them to our range and to share the knowledge. Will you help us with that?

Which orange dragon fruit cuttings exist?

  • Orange Giant Dragon Fruit Variety
  • Hawaiian (orange dwarf) Dragon Fruit Variety

Do you have more varieties we don’t know off (yet)? Please let us know!

Update about our Orange giant dragon fruit variety

We received the orange giant dragon fruit variety in 2021 on behalf of a fellow dragon fruit lover. We are very grateful for this! At the moment the orange dragon fruit plant is doing fine on our land in Suriname. Our ‘mother plant’ already produces some sprouts, but unfortunately these are still too small to be sold. As soon as these are big enough, we will of course offer them. We will keep you informed on this page.

Hawaiian ‘orange dwarf’ dragon fruit variety

We would love to add this variety to our collection, so if you possess this beautiful cutting, please be in touch with us! What do we know so far from this variety? The Orange dwarf gives medium fruits which have a stunning orange skin and a reddish inside. The taste is considered as one of the sweetest as well! We are really curious about your experiences with this variety! Can you help us out?

We hope to offer the orange dragon fruit cuttings to you really soon!

Help us please with more information about orange dragon fruit

Because our orange giant dragon fruit is still too small, we can’t provide much information about growth, taste, size, etc. Unfortunately, research on the internet doesn’t provide us the right information (we prefer to do our own field research by tasting the fruit ourselves and assessing the dragon fruit plants). If you know more about orange dragon fruit cuttings, please let us know! We would like to get in touch with you then.

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