White dragon fruit Cuttings

With ‘white dragon fruit’ we are aiming at the white flesh inside the fruit, these can be yellow, red or pink skinned. The white fleshed dragon fruits in our collection are: the Giant Vietnamese, Seoul Kitchen, Thai Dragon, Thomson, Vietnamese Giant white and Hylocereus megalanthus (Yellow dragon fruit).

White flesh dragon fruit

White dragon fruit, also called white pitaya, with pink skin is one of the most common dragon fruit varieties. The yellow and orange pitayas are among the rarest available dragon fruits. The white pitaya is a fruit with white flesh and black seeds and is the most popular sort of dragon fruit that is widely loved around the world! Yes, the black seeds are edible. The white pitaya with pink or red skin is originally from Southeast Asia and is cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas around the globe.

White flesh vs red flesh

There are a lot of differences between red and white dragon fruit. For the regular fruit eater the difference can be found in the taste of the pitaya, which is a lot more sweeter. White pitayas are generally larger than yellow or red pitayas and have longer cuttings. Next to that, the white dragon fruit is the strongest variant that is able to withstand pests and diseases as one of the best of the dragon fruit family.

Delicious tasting experience

The unique looking outside of the flesh of a pitaya promises a sweet and delicious tasting experience. The white flesh inside the pitaya has a lower amount of sugar than other coloured dragon fruit which causes the flesh to be less sweeter compared to the red flesh dragon fruits. White dragon fruit taste can be described as a mix between a pear, a kiwi and a grape. The seeds inside the fruit are also edible.

See below our dragon fruit cuttings collection with white flesh:

How to grow dragon fruit cuttings

A step by step guide on ‘how to grow dragon fruit cuttings’ can be find here. The white pitaya is grown in subtropical and tropical regions across the world.

Health benefits and nutritional value

White dragon fruits are a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are a great addition to your fruit eating routine. The nutritional composition of a dragon fruit is as follows:

  • High amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for a strong human body and is not produced naturally. A dragon fruit is therefore a really good source for a strong body!
  • Flavonoids. The high amount of flavonoids inside a white pitaya may help repair cell damage and reduce inflammation.
  • Fiber. Eating more white dragon fruit might improve digestion because of a high content of fiber.

Buying white dragon fruit online

We are able to not only sell white dragon fruits online, but also other coloured dragon fruit cuttings. Please visit our dragon fruit page and pick your preferred color. Let us know if we can help you with something else!

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