Pink Dragon Fruit Cuttings

With pink dragon fruit we are aiming at the pink flesh inside the fruit or at the pink skinned pitayas with white flesh.

Pink Dragon Fruit

Pink Dragon fruit, also known as pink pitaya fruit, is among the most popular dragon fruit varieties in the family. Pink Dragon fruit is sometimes also considered to be red or purple coloured. A pink pitaya grows on a long green vine, called a cutting, the same as all other types of dragon fruits. The pink variety has a beautiful unique appearance and is claimed to be one of the rarest seen tropical fruits!

A pink pitaya can be part of both the Hylocereus Undatus and the Hylocereus Polyrhizus species. The tropical fruit is cultivated in all types of tropical and subtropical environments across the globe. Do you want to know more how you can grow these fruits yourself and what is needed for this? Please check our page related to the maintenance and growing of cuttings.

Pink fleshed vs Pink skinned

The pink pitaya in our case is split up in two categories: pink fleshed dragon fruit and pink skinned dragon fruit (with white flesh). Down below you can find all pink related cuttings we sell. Are you curious about the differences and which variety contains a pink inside or outside? Please scroll down to see the answers.

See here our full collection Pink fleshed and Pink skinned dragon fruit:

Pink fleshed dragon fruit

The pink pitaya with pink flesh and black seeds shares the same characteristics as a red dragon fruit. Subsequently, a pink dragon fruit cutting with pink flesh has the potential to bear more fruit than a white fleshed pitaya. A pink dragon fruit is an incredible option to get hold of essential vitamins and minerals! The pink fleshed dragon fruits in our collection are:
✓ Delight
✓ Hailey’s Comet
✓ Dark Star (also considered red)
✓ Makisupa

Pink skinned dragon fruit

The pink skinned pitaya with white flesh is frequently seen as white pitaya. Next to that, the white fleshed pink dragon fruit has a sweeter taste than other varieties. The white fleshed pink pitayas are among the largest fruits in the family and are also the strongest sort. Our pink skinned pitaya collection exists out of: Delight, Hailey’s Comet, Makisupa, Rixford (also considered red), Seoul Kitchen, Thai Dragon, Thomson, Vietnamese White and Wiangel.

Pink dragon fruit benefits

Pink dragon fruits are overall an amazing addition to your fruit diet. The nutritional value of a pink dragon fruit differs depending on the colour of the flesh. For a pink dragon fruit with white flesh the values are follows:

  • High in Vitamins A,B and C.
  • A high amount of flavonoids.
  • A high content of fiber.

For a pink dragon fruit with pink flesh the nutritional composition is almost identical, but slightly different. A pink fleshed dragon fruit gets its colour from the chemical carotene, which contributes to healthy eyesight and skin health.

We are always looking for new partnerships to grow more pink dragon fruit and experiment with new sorts of dragon fruit. If you are interested in working with us feel free to drop us a line!

Want to buy pink dragon fruit cuttings online?

These are all the pink dragon fruit cuttings in our product range: If you are interested in buying dragon fruit cuttings, feel free to contact us anytime! We also offer other colours of dragon fruit cuttings. For other coloured cuttings, visit our dragon fruit page.

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