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Shipment / Package lost?
This is how we can solve this together

Shipment / Package lost?
This is how we can solve this together

Shipment / Package lost?

This is how we can solve this together

We are always doing our best to make sure you get your order at your doorstep! For every country we ship to, we use the best shipment options to our knowledge. However, international shipping unfortunately comes with some risk.

Because of the ‘nature’ of our products and international shipping regulations, we always make sure to let you know that you are fully ordering at your ‘own risk’. If a package is lost, we are not obliged to refund anything. BUT… our main goal is to always make everybody happy as possible, so we want to carry 50% of the risk for you :). Below, we will explain how we can solve a lost shipment / package together.

Shipping costs insurance

First of all: we always have shipping costs insured! 🙂

Important to know: We are shipping all packages with shipping costs insurance.
This means: If you and we can prove that the package is LOST (via Track and Trace of the postal company & sometimes some additional information), we will get a 100% refund from our postal company for the shipping costs.

Goods inside the package

Plants and goods that are perishable are not insured, no matter the carrier. This means you will take 100% risk of the value of the package.
However, to make a good gesture and because we always want to help where possible, we will share this risk with you by taking 50% of it.

In other words, when a shipment is not delivered, lost, or delayed, and the seeds or plants are not good anymore, we will offer you the following options:

Solution A:
We will ship the order again with a discount of 50%.

You will pay for the shipping costs. But: if we both prove that the shipping is the carrier’s fault and the carrier agrees with this, we as SDM will get a full refund of the shipping costs. If this is the case, of course you will also get this refund, so you won’t pay twice for the shipping. That would be the best scenario!

Solution B:
We will refund 50% of your order value, so you can choose if you want to order again, you want to order something else, or if you don’t want to take the risk anymore.
Again, if we can prove that the shipping is the carrier’s fault, you will also get a full 100% refund of the shipping costs you had paid.

With love and passion we hope that you appreciate this in our opinion “beautiful gesture”, to bear the risks together of shipping these kinds of difficult goods. Of course, we are always doing our best to prevent these situations. However, with international shipping, it is always wise to be aware of the risks and the best solutions when such situations occur.

PayPal Refund Rules

If you pay with PayPal, they will always take “fees” into their account. This is the way how the company PayPal is making money. If we refund the full amount, PayPal will keep the fees. This means that if you, for example, order for 100 dollars, PayPal will charge about 5 dollars, so you will get 95 dollars refunded.

Important to understand: We are not claiming this money, PayPal is claiming this “fee” as payment for their service.

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