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Bunchosia argentea (Peanutbutter tree)

Bunchosia argentea (Peanutbutter tree)


  • Creamy flesh like peanut butter
  • Sweet, slightly nutty taste!
  • Fast growing (sub) tropical plant

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The Bunchosia argentea is also called the Peanutbuttertree. It is a plant of the Malphigia family (Acerola) and is therefore also called Malpighia argentea or Ciruela Del Monte. It is an ornamental, fast-growing (sub) tropical plant commonly found in South America. Older plants can tolerate a little frost. The soil in which the Peanutbuttertree is located must be well-draining. The plant can reach a height of 2 to 10 meters, but it already produces fruit when the plant is 1.5 meters high. The fruits color from light orange to deep red. Once deep red, the fruits have a soft texture and can be eaten. The flesh is creamy like peanut butter and has a sweet, slightly nutty taste.


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