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Caesalpinia pulcherrima -Barbados mix (Pink & Yellow)


Caesalpinia pulcherrima -Barbados mix (Pink & Yellow)

$3.00 $2.25

  • Easy grower and bloomer
  • Beautiful tropical flower
  • Price per package = $1.50
  • 25% discount!

1 package contains 20 seeds

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The Caesalpinia pulcherrima – Barbados mix contains of different colors! The pride of Barbados is a tropical flower and an easy grower and bloomer. This plant is completely solitary and therefore has no other color in the neighborhood with which it can mix. The seedling will largely become a replica of this plant.

2 different colors in one packet for 1 price!!
Price for 20 seeds: $1.50 (Mixture of yellow & pink seeds)
Discount of 25%!

The number you enter represents the number of packages you want.
1 = 20 seeds
2 = 40 seeds
3 = 60 seeds


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