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Inga spectabilis (Dwarf Machete Ice Cream Bean)

Inga spectabilis (Dwarf Machete Ice Cream Bean)


  • Delicious white and soft flesh!
  • Easy to maintain – not many soil requirements!
  • Produces fruit of about 10 – 15 cm
  • Part of the Edulis variety
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This Inga spectabilis species produces small Machete fruits of about 10cm – 15cm. The flesh is, just like the large variety, softly sweet and full of flavor. The amount of pulp is also not inferior to its big brother, the Machete Ice Cream Bean. the The tree can reach a height of 10 meters or more and is a good shade tree for smaller plants that cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Like the other Inga species, the leaves of this species are also useful for reuse because of the symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the soil. For children (and adults) the ideal justifiable sweets.

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