Maria Rosa – Cuttings


  • Soft pink flesh color
  • Fresh taste which resembles a strawberry/lemon
  • Word Wide Delivery


The Maria Rosa is a hybrid variety of Hylocereus Undatus and Hylocereus Guatemalensis. The flowers are self-pollinating, but it is always advisable to additionally pollinate by hand. This allows the fruits to become more numerous and larger. The outside of the fruit is red/purple in color and the flesh on the other hand is soft pink. The taste is fresh and resembles a strawberry/lemon. The flesh has a firm structure. This variety is known for the fact that the plant is strong and sturdy grower requiring only minimal support. Next to this, this variety is coping full sun better than other varieties. We were able to obtain this variety from a fellow Dragonfruit grower from Greece and Belgium.

COMING SOON: We hope to be able to offer this variant in the autumn of 2022 to you!

characteristics of the Maria Rosa dragon fruits

Self-pollinating: Yes
Outside color: Red / Purple
Pulp color: Soft pink
Taste: Fresh taste which resembles a lemon / strawberry

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