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Pachyrhizus erosus (Yam Bean Jicama)

Pachyrhizus erosus (Yam Bean Jicama)


✓ Sweet & Refreshing taste like an apple!
✓ ONLY the ROOTS are edible!
✓ Price = per 10 seeds!
1 = 10
3 = 30 …etc.

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The Pachyrhizus Erosus or Jicama is is a climbing plant whose roots you can eat. It has a crunchy, sweet and refreshing taste that looks somewhat like an apple. The Jicama is processed raw in salads but can also be cooked as a potato. The beauty of this Jicama is that after harvesting the roots does not discolor and remains crispy for a long time. The Jicama is originally from Central America but is also widely grown in Asian countries. Only the roots of this plant are edible. The rest of the plant and especially the seeds are poisonous. Nevertheless the seed pots are eaten, but then they must be cooked as vegetables so that the poison is destroyed. The first harvest is approximately 7 to 8 months after sowing.

Note: Price = per 10 seeds!
For example:

1 = 10
2 = 20
10 = 100


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