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Pouteria campechiana var. Bahamas Trompo

Pouteria campechiana var. Bahamas Trompo

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  • Taste: Very sweet
  • Fruits can be stored for a long time !
  • Must be eaten very ripe

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The Canistel is also called Eggfruit because of the dry and grainy structure of the pulp. It is a very sweet fruit that must also be eaten very ripe. The fruit should then be buttery soft. The variety “Bahamas Trompo” is a big variety of all its relatives. We bought our tree at Top Tropicals and the tree gives a lot of fruit.If you grow a lot of fruits on the tree, they will become slightly smaller. The fruits can be stored for a long time. One fruit contains 2 to 3 seeds. Our tree gives 3 to 4 times a year. It depends on the weather conditions whether the tree becomes an everbearer. The tree thrives in the tropics and subtropics with a minimum temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius. The Canistel does not need special soil. In the tropics, a seedling produces after 4 years. On average, the tree grows to a maximum height of 8 meters, but if the conditions are perfect, it can even grow higher.

4 reviews for Pouteria campechiana var. Bahamas Trompo

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