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Selenicereus megalanthus hybrid ‘Palora” (Yellow Dragon fruit)

Selenicereus megalanthus hybrid ‘Palora” (Yellow Dragon fruit)

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  • Dragon fruit seeds available
  • This yellow dragon fruit tastes very sweet
  • 3 to 4 times larger than Selenicereus Megalanthus

Seeds sold per package (1 package = 5 seeds)

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The Palora is a Selenicereus megalanthus hybrid that is 3 to 4 times larger than the original Selenicereus megalanthus and if not sweeter.
The Palora fruit is a yellow Dragon fruit and contains white, juicy flesh. The fruit tastes very sweet and is in high demand worldwide. For many it is the sweetest fruit one has ever tasted.
The name Palora has been given it because it is grown in the place Palora in Ecuador (South America).
The Palora differs from the other Dragon fruits because it also has spines on the fruits. But these spines are such that you can easily brush them off.
When the seedlings are 5cm tall, they can already be placed against a wooden post where they can cling and grow their way up.
We currently still offer the seeds, but hope to be able to offer the cuttings within 2 years.

The seeds are offered per package. 1 package contains 5 seeds. Fill in the amount of packages you are interested in!

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Seeds package(s)

Seeds Package(s)

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