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Theobroma Bicolor (White Cacao)

Theobroma Bicolor (White Cacao)

(18 customer reviews)


  • Buy Seeds or Whole Fruit (pot)
  • Great Cacao type with a lot of Flesh!
  • Whole fruits are on backorder to keep them as fresh as possible for you to receive because this is a very sensitive fruit.

Minimum Order Quantity = 3 seeds

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The Theobroma bicolor is a type of cocoa of which mainly the flesh is eaten. In contrast to the other species, the flesh is thick around the kernel. The taste is soft and sweet. The seeds can also be eaten or dried and processed into cocoa. The quality of the cocoa is somewhat less than that of its counterparts. The tree can reach a high from 3 till 8 meters.

The whole fruit is fresh and contains about 35-40 seeds! Sharing is Caring, so we offer also the whole Theobroma Bicolor Pot!

* Due to the sensitivity of the Fruit we only do Bicolor orders on request. That means that you can just order a Bicolor whole fruit / pot and that we are harvesting after each order. So it will take a couple of days extra before we ship your fruit! We know from experience that this is the best way to get these sensitive fruits in good condition to you als customer.

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18 reviews for Theobroma Bicolor (White Cacao)

  1. Happy buyer

    Very good quality products, packed neatly. Quickly delivered. Seller friendly and helpful. If I have the option I will definitely buy again. I recommend, my rating is 5 stars.

  2. jonatanglezcabrera (verified owner)

    I would give them 6 stars if I could. Amazing customer service. Good quality products and really fast. Thank you!!

  3. Dimitri Paitsch (verified owner)

    Great service, very professional, the package arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I’ll order again for sure!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arriving Rotten Seeds

    • Michelle Nannings (store manager)


      We are very sorry to hear that your Bicolor seeds were rotten by the time your order arrived!! We can send new fresh ones for free if you place a new order, if you are still interested? 🙂 We would recommended express shipping in this case, as the Bicolor seeds life shelf is short.

  5. wan you qin (verified owner)

    Since I used the express delivery, the fruits I received are quite fresh

  6. andrew s. (verified owner)

    Pod arrives, from thousands of miles away, with viable, recalcitrant seeds.

  7. innocent h. (verified owner)

    I once used regular shipping it took 9 days+ and all seeds arrived rotten this time I went for express all seeds have arrived perfect just in five days. And the best thing they doubled seeds I believe to cover the previous loss.
    That’s excellent in customer service!, keep it up
    I will give more feedback when they sprout.

    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Innocent H,

      Thanks for your compliments, I really appreciate it! 🙂
      You are right, we are always trying to make every customer happy. So in most cases we add extra seeds as compensation when a previous shipping was not arriving on time. It’s always the shipping agency or courier that is having a delay because we always ship directly fresh from harvesting and stock. We don’t have any influence delays from the courier / shipping agency, so the best we can do is to add new gifts in the next order right 😉 I’m glad you hear that appreciate this!

      I see you bought the Bicolor seeds. For some seeds we recommend Express Shipping. The Theobroma Bicolor and Capuacu are two examples we are recommending Express Shipping because these seeds have a short shelf life and are very vulnerable.

      Hope to see you soon and all the best with planting,

      Cheers, Wesley from Team Seeds Del Mundo

  8. INNOCENT H. (verified owner)

    The best buy seeds arrived very fresh, but I recommend Express shipping.

  9. Luca Landi (verified owner)

  10. Иванов Дмитрий (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. Great seeds! They haven’t sprouted yet, because little time has passed, but I’m sure everything will be fine. This is the first time I’ve seen such good packaging. Everything is very cool. I advise everyone to buy seeds here. And I advise the Firm to start dealing with seedlings as well. thank

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    actually Theobroma Bicolor is extremely cold sensitive. Great achievement that it arrives fresh and viable. Highly recommening.

  12. HAMAD A. (verified owner)

    Fresh seeds and Quick shipping Method

  13. Sergey (verified owner)

  14. miguel morales (verified owner)

  15. Luca L. (verified owner)

    If you give the seeds proper care germination is very high! I suggest to soak the seeds overnight/for a day after removing the pulp, most will already start to germinate this way.

  16. Jonatan G. (verified owner)

    As always perfect, they do a great job. Thank you

  17. Shinichi (verified owner)

    They processed the order very fast. No problem at all.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    the seeds arrived in perfect condition and very well packaged.

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