Artocarpus odoratissimus (Marang, Terap)

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  • Family of breadfruit
  • Surprisingly fresh and sweet with its own unique taste
  • Fruit can reach a weight of more than 1 kilo

Minimum Order Quantity = 10 seeds

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The Marang

The Marang, also called Terap, is a large round shaped fruit with a rough and thick skin. The fruit is related to the Jackfruit and the breadnut, but is considered to have a superior taste! The fruit is around 20 centimeters long and can weigh up to 1.5 kilograms. Marang leaves are extraordinarily long and can reach a size of 1 meter long. The Merang has a unique smell that you will definitely remember!

We receive many questions about the marang fruit in English. Marang fruit is a tropical fruit coming from the Philippines. The Pulp is edible and contains a white sweetish colour. It oftentimes is called Terap or Marang.

Unique taste

The Marang has a unique taste that is widely loved around all of Southeast Asia. After you have cracked open the thick skin of the fruit, you will reach the creamy flesh of the Terap. The taste can be described as a more creamy and juicier banana. The intense flavour is intensely sweet and savoury.

To make sure that your order will arrive in the best condition we advise you to place an ‘express shipping’ order.

Growing seeds yourself

Artocarpus odoratissimus seeds are grown in tropical climates. The plant thrives in humid areas. If you want to grow marang seeds yourself here is what you should know before you start:

  • The plant enjoys the climate of humid tropics and can be grown all over the world. Seeds also germinate at their best in temperatures around 25 degrees celsius
  • The Marang plant is able to withstand a short dry season
  • A young plant needs partial shade and enough sunlight to grow
  • It is preferable to plant the seeds in well-drained soil

Health benefits

The exotic fruit contains numerous vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, zinc, and iron, that are great for the human body. The high amounts of vitamins A, B and C are beneficial for your health in many aspects. Next to that, the fruit has high amounts of antioxidants which can be beneficial for you body’s immune system.

The shelf life of the Terap and its seeds

The shelf life of seeds is remarkably short. To offer the best quality seeds to you, we recommend choosing express shipping. Most packages arrive within a week via express shipping. The seeds of the Terap have a short germination time.

Interested in buying Marang seeds online?

If you are interested in buying seeds, you also have the option to buy sprouted seeds. The Minimum Order Quantity of sprouted seeds is 1. Minimum Order Quantity for seeds is 10. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with!

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    Very nice

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    change an Passiflora quadrangularis

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    The seeds arrived in perfect condition, but for some varieties it is better to choose express delivery. Also a lot of kindness in the treatment. I will buy here again.

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