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Aussie Gold (Australian Gold, Isis Gold) – Cuttings

Aussie Gold (Australian Gold, Isis Gold) – Cuttings


  • Yellow dragon fruit variety
  • Gives big fruits!
  • Word Wide Delivery


Aussie Gold or Australian Gold or Isis Gold. The names for one and the same yellow kind of Dragonfruit. Aussie Gold is originally a hybrid from Israel and is there also called Isreali Golden. We keep the name at Aussie Gold. This species produces particularly large fruits, sometimes weighing more than 1 kilo. That is why Aussie Gold is extremely suitable for trading. As mentioned before, the skin is yellow and the fins partly retain their green color. The flesh is white and the taste resembles Kiwi. The Aussie Gold is not a self-pollinator and you will therefore have to lend the flowers a hand. This species can withstand somewhat cooler temperatures. We were able to obtain these species from a fellow Dragonfruit grower from Greece.

COMING SOON: We hope to be able to offer this variant in the autumn of 2022 to you!

characteristics of the Australian Gold

Self-pollinating: No! – This variety needs to be crossed with other varieties
Outside color: Yellow
Pulp color: White
Taste: Resembles a kiwi

Additional information

Cutting Size:

Small, Normal, Large


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