Ponderosa lemon


  • Citrus hybrid between a Pomelo and a Lemon
  • Slow grower -> can be held in a pot for a long time
  • The fruits are very large
  • Wonderfully scented flowers !

Minimum Order Quantity = 5 seeds

25 in stock



The Ponderosa lemon (Citrus x pyriformis) is a citrus hybrid between a pomelo and a lemon. The wonderfully scented flowers are robust and the Ponderosa is a rich bloomer. The tree itself remains small for a long time because it is a slow grower. Therefore you could keep the Ponderosa in a pot for a very long time. The fruits are very large and the tree is often grown as an ornamental tree. The skin is thick and the fruits contain many seeds. The fruits have a very long shelf life.


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