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Psidium guajava giant (Giant Guava)

Psidium guajava giant (Giant Guava)

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  • Must have for guava lovers
  • Fruit have a red inside
  • Already gives fruit when the plant reaches a height of 1,5 meter

Minimum Order Quantity = 10 seeds

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This giant guava is a true “must have” for guava lovers. The fruits are red inside and also have the characteristic “strawberry-like” taste of the smaller variety we offer.
In appearance, this guava is a bit more robust in everything. The seeds are somewhat larger, but present in the fruit to a lesser extent. The plant already gives at a height of one and a half meters. The tree, just like its smaller relatives, can grow into a beautiful large tree. The tree can also be kept shorter. Fruit production remains steady.

1 review for Psidium guajava giant (Giant Guava)

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