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The advantages of growing seedlings indoors


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Planting seedlings indoors has many advantages. You can determine the conditions yourself and thereby create the optimal conditions for your seedling. More chances they will survive. This is certainly not the only advantage too! We will tell you more about the benefits of growing seedlings indoors in this blog. Because yes there are!

Why should you plant seedlings indoors?

To increase success! Depending on where you live, of course, it is sometimes better to grow your seedlings indoors. This ensures a greater chance of survival. Extreme weather conditions can destroy the seed or seedling before you can even enjoy it. Depending on the species, of course, most absolutely do not like cold, a lot of rain and wind. The seedling can also dry out quickly due to wind. By giving them a head start inside, they are stronger and you can then move outside of course by the time being. Not all sprouted seeds are suitable for growing indoors, so check well in advance whether your seedling is suitable for this.

Best way to start seedlings indoors

The best start is to make sure that you have purchased the correct indoor plant seedlings. They are often ordered online, which is of course perfectly possible. Make sure that you have the sprouted seeds at home as soon as possible, so that you can put them in the ground with the right nutrients. It is also important if the seedlings are on the road for a few days, that it will not freeze along the way, this reduces the chance of survival. It is therefore important to check where you order them (in which country) and where you live. We at SeedsDelMundo, send the seeds and/or sprouted seeds with a heat pack if necessary. This ensures that the seeds do not lose their germination capacity and we also increase the chance of survival for the seedlings and your chance on growing seedlings indoors.

Indoor seedling setup

We don’t know exactly which seeds you are going to grow indoors of course, which is why we will give some general tips for you. A heat mat is often used. This is placed under the tray with seedling, which is waterproof. The heat mat increases the germination rooting area soil temperature by about 20F. Heat but also light are important factors for success. The direct sun is of course always better than artificial light, but sometimes you can’t escape this. That is why indoor seedling greenhouses are very popular, but also special lamps that ensure that the seedlings have light and stay warm. They need a lot of light to grow into a healthy plant. When your seedling first appears, we advise keeping the light on up to 16 hours. Oh, and don’t forget to place them next to a window when it comes to the best indoor seedling setup.

Label your seedlings, so you don’t get any unexpected surprises later 🙂

The right time to start is..

Depending on your seedling of course and your living environment. If you only want to give them a good start indoors, we recommend checking when your seed can possibly go outside because of the temperatures and then calculate back. About 4 – 6 weeks before you want to put them outside is a good start for them. Of course, if you intend to keep them indoors completely, this is of course less important.

Don’t give up!

The process will take some trial and error, but once it succeeds it has all been worth it. Learn from your mistakes, and also, be patient when it comes to growing seedlings indoors.

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