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How many different dragon fruit colors are there?


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A very exotic fruit which you can encounter in different colors! The outside is often known for its beautiful red / pink skin. The red variant is probably the variant you are also familiar with. You can also see the yellow skin dragon fruit appearing more and more. The inside on the other hand can have many more different colors! Beautiful magenta, pink, red but also the well-known white flesh variant. We have listed all the different types of colors and variants for you to get an overview of the different dragon fruit colors that the beautiful fruit has to offer.

Dragon fruit different colors

As described above, many different colors of dragon fruit are possible. We have listed the different colors for you below.

Outside skin colors possible:

  • Red / Pink / Purple
  • Yellow

Inside flesh colors possible

  • White
  • Red / Purple
  • Magenta / Pink

Which color combinations are possible?

Not all color combinations are possible. For example, the dragon fruit with a yellow outside always has white flesh. So as you can guess, the rest of the different dragon fruit colors have a red / pink / purple outside. You also see green dragon fruits, but this simply means that they are not ripe yet. BUT, some dragon fruits have a more greenish skin, namely the Condor cutting for instance.

But what is possible? Is there a difference between the colors for example? We will explain the differences per variant below.

White flesh with a yellow skin

The yellow variant is seen as one of the sweetest variants among the dragon fruits. And I have to say, we agree! The white flesh gives a delicious sweet taste. The black seeds in it are of course edible. In addition, the yellow variant is often smaller than the pitaya that you see with a red / pink exterior. We are absolute fans! The yellow dragon fruit color inside is always white.

White flesh with a red / pink skin

white-flesh-pink pitaya
Als you can see, the white flesh variants can have different skin colors. The white flesh and the red/pink outside pitayas are the most common ones. These pitayas are often the largest too (more flesh to enjoy 🙂 ), apart from the yellow skin fruits. They are delicious in taste and can be compared to the taste of a kiwi / pear. The taste is described as more neutral and not nearly as sweet as the ones with a yellow skin.

Red / purple flesh with a red / pink skin

We mention different dragon fruit colours here because some people find the inside more purple and other people more red. Depending on the variety, the dragon fruit colors can be purple or more red. However, this is subjective, which is why we discuss them both. In general, they have the same taste and nutritional values. They mainly differ in color! The purple / red colour dragon fruits are sweeter than the white variety (with the exception of the yellow), but less sweet than the yellow variety itself. Concluding, it can be considered as a mix. They are often a bit smaller than the white variants with a red / pink skin, but they are absolutely delicious!

Pink / magenta flesh with a red / pink skin


If you ask us, these are the fruits with the most exotic look. It almost looks fake doesn’t it? On the other hand, they also taste delicious and are similar to the fruits that have a red/purple skin. These are also really worth a try! They are often used in dishes such as salads, but also in desserts. In addition, pink colour dragon fruits are also suitable as a snack because they are so easy to spoon out.

What do all colors have in common?

The taste! You just keep eating them because all different colors of dragon fruit are just delicious. In addition, they are very easy to consume and you can also grow them at home! Very nice right? We give you a start because we offer the cuttings you need to be able to produce the fruit. Go to to get started with your own dragon fruit! We offer all dragon fruit colors and are able to ship worldwide.

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