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Who does not know the beautiful, unique flower of the dragon fruit? But did you know that this is normally only shown for 1 evening? It is therefore not obvious at all that you will see one. You should really be on time and not all dragon fruit plants will flower. Do you want to see one yourself and do you want to be prepared for when this will happen? You can find more about this in this blog about the dragon fruit flower.

Dragon fruit flowering season

The unique fruit does not bloom all year round and as might be expected, you can best describe the dragon fruit blooming season between early summer and mid/late autumn. As mentioned before, dragon fruit flowers are only open for 1 day and this often happens in the evening! This is because the plant is a night flower, which is why you will not see the flower during the day. So make sure you go out in the evening with light. Don’t see anything happening? Main cause 1 is having too little light. So make sure that the plant is placed in full sunlight. In addition, it may also be the case that your dragon fruit is simply not mature enough yet. Normally it takes a few years for the dragon fruit plant to flower.

Dragon fruit flower to fruit – different flower colors

We were often asked whether the color of the flower differs and whether there is a standard color. The answer to this is YES, they differ. You can have red dragon fruit flowers or yellow dragon fruit flowers. The red flower petals are often a bit thinner compared to the white petals. For example, red dragon fruit flowers tend to create dark pink in color, whereas a white flowers normally produce white flesh dragon fruits.

How to induce flowering?

  1. Make sure the plant gets enough sunlight during the day
  2. You can also move your plant into a greenhouse in order to create the optimal conditions
  3. Prune any damaged stems or branches from the plant. This will help the plant focus its nutrients and the needed energy on growing the flowers
  4. Make sure the temperatures are above 65 degrees (18c). If the temperatures are lower this might decrease the chances of a flower dragon fruit
  5. Make sure the fruit has enough moisture! Although it’s a cactus, the soil needs to be kept consistently moist
  6. To encourage fruiting, make sure that plant has enough support to climb on

Proper care is the key! With proper care the plant can produce fruit for up to 30 years!

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