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We have grown accustomed to the looks of the fruits we eat on a daily basis. The look of fruits like apples, oranges and bananas are nothing new to us. Exotic fruits are not only extremely delicious and beneficial for your health, they also tend to look really weird! Although they may not look very tasty at first glance, you will experience that the taste doesn’t match with the view! Especially kids love the funny looking fruits. This article will discuss 6 weird exotic looking fruits. Find out more below!

Our top 6 funny looking fruit

We have listed our top 6 weirdest looking exotic fruits and I think if you check the photos you can see why. Did you know that these fruits taste amazing and are extremely beneficial to your health! What are some of the weirdest looking fruits that you have ever seen? Maybe you already tried some yourself, but here’s our top 6:

  • The Salak
  • The Rambutan
  • The Cherimoya
  • The Dragon Fruit
  • The Horned Melon
  • Buddha’s Hand

Did our top 6 matches with your list? Would you add some other different weird looking fruit? Let us know!

The Salak

Snake fruit

The Salacca is mentioned in this article because of its strange skin and is called the ‘Snake Fruit’. This is one of the strangest and craziest fruits there is when we look at our weird exotic looking fruits list. In the picture you can see why! You’ll have to get through the rough skin to get to its flesh. The weird looking fruit comes from Indonesia, is the size of a fig and tastes intensely sweet. The bush salad is often eaten at the office in The Netherlands.

The Rambutan


The Rambutan is a funny looking fruit from Indonesia and looks like it has hairs on it. And this is also why it is called Rambutan. Rambut means hair in Indonesian. Although its strange appearance, the Rambutan fruit is very colorful and has many benefits. Many kids love the Rambutan fruits! The red and green fruit is relatively tiny, about the size of a plumb, and its white interior tastes sweet and sour. Strange looking fruit right?

The Cherimoya

Annona cherimoya (Custardappel)

About Cherimoya, or often called custard apple as well. Cherimoyas look like they have a covering of scales, like fish, and also a little like small dragon eggs. The weird looking fruit has the size of an apple and weighs about the same. The flesh of the Cherimoya fruit is creamy and tastes really sweet. Not only the Cherimoya fruit is populair, but also the Cherimoya seeds support health and wellness in various days! Some describe the Cherimoya as the most delicious fruit on this planet. Definitely worth a try don’t you think?

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit-pitaya

There was no way we could not include the Dragon Fruit in this list. One of the most beautiful and strange looking fruits out there. The Dragon Fruit, or Pitaya, is generally pink with white or pink flesh and is the size of melon. Dragon fruits can also be yellow, gold and orange. The weird looking fruit tastes like a combination of a pear and kiwi. Sweet right? This one is definitely one of our favorites! Dragon fruits are easily to consume and can be eaten anytime during the day. You can also use the strange fruits in a smoothie, but also in salads they are often used. Check out our other blogs for more inspiration on how to use dragon fruit!

The Horned Melon

Horned melon

The horned melon, Kiwano, kiwano melon, or African horned melon is a spiky fruit from Africa. Horned Melons have a yellow/orange color and its texture feels a bit like a lemon. If you wonder what the funny looking fruit tastes like, it is described as a mix between banana, cucumber and lemon. The horned melon fruit is very rich of Vitamin C and consist of over 90% water. The fruit is often used in desert.

Inga Edulis

The last in our top 6 is the Inga Edulis. Why we added this is because of the form. Normally you would probably expect an exotic fruit to be round or oval, but this one actually has more of a crescent shape. They are very easy to break open and afterwards you can enjoy the fruit. The fruit has a delicious white inside which consists of soft flesh. Super delicious sweeet taste which can be compared to a vanilla ice-cream. Especially children really love this weird exotic looking fruits.

Online fruits for sale

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